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Medical Report

The defender is on his way back to game action after struggling for several weeks with pneumonia and its consequences.

As Dean Kukan himself tells "Blick", he finally recovered but still will take it slowly: "If everything goes according to plan, I should be able to play one of the two games this weekend". Kukan has resumed practicing with the team but the integration back into the lineup will thus be made carefully.

After Christmas, Kukan suffered from a form of pneumonia that required antibiotics. However, his first comeback lasted only two games as he relapsed into a state of illness with fever and aching limbs.

This second infection remains unexplained, however, the blood tests are looking better now: "I still have to be careful. We are now looking from day to day and hope that things continue to go well and that there is no relapse" concludes Kukan.

( 14 February 2024 | lle )

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