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For the fifth time in a row, EV Zug has been determined as the overall winner of the "Talent Label".

Every year, the label assembly gives out labels to youth organizations based on certain criteria. The SIHF then distributes their monetary support for the development clubs according to this system. This year, once again, EV Zug has won the "Talent Label", while Valais-Wallis Future / EHC Visp have won the "Ambition Label", like last year.

The overall "Talent Label" looks to ensure high-quality and professionally managed training programs and structures within a club, while the "Ambition Label" is also looking to promote qualitative educational programs and structures within a club but is targeted at an intermediate stage between competitive sport and mass sport.

The winners within each age group:

Talent label

Overall: EV Zug
U20-Elit: HC Ambrì-Piotta
U17-Elit: EV Zug
U15-Elit: HC Thurgau Young Lions
U13-Elit: HC Yverdon-les-Bains


Overall: Valais-Wallis Future / EHC Visp
U20-Top: EHC Chur
U17-Top: HC Thurgau Young Lions

( 22 August 2023 | lle )

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