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As Klaus Zaugg writes on "Watson", Tim Berni chose to join Geneva due to better sporting prospects for his development.

"We can offer Tim Berni a central role in our defense and for his sporting development," Genève-Servette HC's team manager Marc Gautschi tells Klaus Zaugg. With the ambition to return to the NHL soon, Tim Berni thus preferred to join a club where he could have lots of responsibilities and receive more time on the ice.

The team manager of the ZSC Lions, Sven Leuenberger, confirms that Berni wanted a new challenge outside his comfort zone: "He told us that he has better chances for an important position at Servette and that it would be better for him to seek a new challenge in Geneva. He already knows Zurich, after all, and in Geneva, he'll get into less of a comfort zone than he would with us."

With the money set aside for Berni, the ZSC Lions will now go on to sign a seventh import player, presumably a defender, the same source reports.

( 13 October 2023 | lle )

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