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Through three measures, for which a building application has been submitted, the club will add hundreds of seats to the Bossard Arena.

With the LED ice hockey boards installed last year, EV Zug has created a situation in which there is more space directly around the pitch and two additional rows of seats can be installed. This extension of the stands will also be used in the standing area.  At the same time, some of the standing areas on the long sides will be converted into seats. The capacity of the home standing area will therefore remain unchanged.

The second measure is to reduce the space of a few centimeters for certain seats. In various sectors with the largest spacing, the seats will be condensed to 50cm. This will also allow some additional seats to be installed.

Third, a new media box will be built on the south side of the arena. The current space occupied by the media on the north side will thus free up and will be used for additional seating.

These seats will initially only be offered for individual sale. Later, during the realization of the planned stadium expansion, they will serve as a reserve, as certain seating areas will have to be temporarily closed. This early implementation will thus avoid the expected shortages in the seating areas during these future construction phases.

( 06 March 2024 | lle )

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