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National League

The captains and the coaches of the 14 National League teams have cast their votes for the Hockey Award 2024.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

In the traditional end-of-regular-season poll among captains and coaches, HC Lugano's Calvin Thürkauf was clearly selected as the MVP of the season. The 26-year-old forward received 20 votes, while HC Fribourg-Gottéron's Marcus Sörensen received six. Thürkauf was second in goals (28) and in points (60). The center was also voted as the forward of the season (22 votes).

For the other awards, Lausanne HC's head coach Geoff Ward (nine votes) was awarded coach of the year, ahead of Genève-Servette HC's Jan Cadieux (six votes), and Marc Crawford (ZSC Lions, five votes).

With 14 votes, Šimon Hrubec (ZSC Lions) finished four votes ahead of HCFG's Reto Berra for goalie of the year, while GSHC's Sami Vatanen (16 votes) won the award for defender of the year. Finally, LHC's Théo Rochette and EV Zug's Leon Muggli shared honors for most improved players.

The four organizers of the poll, the newspapers 24 heures, "Tribune de Genève", "Tages-Anzeiger", and the "Berner Zeitung" also announced the all-star teams of the season: Šimon Hrubec, Sami Vatanen, Mikko Lehtonen (ZSC Lions), Calvin Thürkauf, Marcus Sörensen and a tie between Michael Spacek (HC Ambrì-Piotta) and Denis Malgin (ZSC Lions) are part of the all-star team that includes import players, while the Swiss all-star team is composed by Reto Berra, Dominik Egli (HC Davos), Dean Kukan (ZSC Lions), Calvin Thürkauf, Denis Malgin and Lino Martschini (EV Zug).

Results of the poll


Calvin Thürkauf (HC Lugano) 20 votes

Marcus Sörensen (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) 6

Šimon Hrubec (ZSC Lions) 1

Lucas Wallmark (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) 1

Coach of the year:

Geoff Ward (Lausanne HC) 9 votes

Jan Cadieux (Genève-Servette HC) 6

Marc Crawford (ZSC Lions) 5

Christian Dubé (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) 2

Luca Gianinazzi (HC Lugano) 2

Thierry Paterlini (SCL Tigers) 2

Dan Tangnes (EV Zug) 2

Goalie of the year:

Šimon Hrubec (ZSC Lions) 14 votes

Reto Berra (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) 10

Sandro Aeschlimann (HC Davos) 3

Janne Juvonen (HC Ambrì-Piotta) 1

Defender of the year:

Sami Vatanen (Genève-Servette HC) 16 votes

Vili Saarijärvi (SCL Tigers) 3

Lukas Bengtsson (EV Zug) 2

Mikko Lehtonen (ZSC Lions) 2

Klas Dahlbeck (HC Davos) 1

Dominik Egli (HC Davos) 1

Ryan Gunderson (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) 1

Tim Heed (HC Ambrì-Piotta) 1

Dean Kukan (ZSC Lions) 1

Forward of the year:

Calvin Thürkauf (HC Lugano) 22 votes

Marcus Sörensen (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) 5

Matej Stransky (HC Davos) 1

Most improved:

Théo Rochette (Lausanne HC) and Leon Muggli (EV Zug) 7 votes

Valentin Nussbaumer (HC Davos) 4

Tommaso De Luca (HC Ambrì-Piotta) 3

Attilio Biasca (EV Zug) 2

Kevin Pasche (Lausanne HC) 2

Julian Schmutz (SCL Tigers) 1

Axel Simic (EHC Kloten) 1 

Calvin Thürkauf (HC Lugano) 1

All-Star Team:


Šimon Hrubec (ZSC Lions) 14


Sami Vatanen (Genève-Servette HC) 21

Mikko Lehtonen (ZSC Lions) 7


Calvin Thürkauf (HC Lugano) 26

Marcus Sörensen (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) 25

Michael Spacek (HC Ambrì-Piotta), Denis Malgin (ZSC Lions) 5

Swiss All-Star Team:


Reto Berra (HC Fribourg-Gottéron) 18


Dominik Egli (HC Davos) 20

Dean Kukan (ZSC Lions) 18


Calvin Thürkauf (HC Lugano) 26

Denis Malgin (ZSC Lions) 20

Lino Martschini (EV Zug) 15

( 05 March 2024 | lle )

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