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Thierry Paterlini, Jukka Varmanen, and Steve Hirschi will all stay with the SCL Tigers for another season. Flavio Schmutz has agreed to remain part of the Tigers until 2027.

Remo Max Schindler

All coaches, including goaltending coach William Rahm, will thus stay with the SCL Tigers until the end of the 2024-25 season. "With these three contract extensions, we are creating important continuity in the Tigers' coaching team," Pascal Müller, team manager of Langnau, said.

As for Flavio Schmutz, he has decided to sign a three-year contract extension with the Tigers. His original contract would have expired at the end of the current season. "This extension means a lot to me and I feel great trust from the entire organization," Schmutz, who is currently in his fourth season with Langnau, said.

( 23 September 2023 | mso )

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