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Swiss League

The Swiss League team had to present a loss of CHF 353’752 to their shareholders at today's shareholders' meeting.

According to "Der Landbote", the loss would have been even bigger if Rolf Löhrer, president of the board of directors and majority shareholder, did not provide the club with CHF 400,000 from his own money.

The loss mainly came about due to no revenue from broadcasting rights but also due to the fact that they did not generate enough money through sponsoring. 

The team has now decided to increase their budget to CHF 2.5 million. That is one million more than the generated revenue from last season. "That's as much as is possible and just about justifiable," Löhrer says. For now, they have not yet been able to fully cover their budget. for the upcoming season, but there is also still room for improvement in sponsoring.

( 16 August 2023 | mso )

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