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Swiss League

Mario Antonelli is urging the National League to save the struggling teams in the Swiss League and thus the league itself.

EHC Winterthur

"I don't think that the Swiss League can save itself," Antonelli says in an interview with "Der Landbote". "The Swiss League must be saved. On a structural level by the Federation and on a financial level by the National League. This help must come immediately."

In a first step, Winterthur's CEO is calling for help for the teams that are struggling financially, such as the HCB Ticino Rockets, but also his own team, EHC Winterthur. "Because if they close down, it would be devastating for the league," Antonelli is sure. "A Swiss League with only eight teams next season would not be attractive to anyone."

He is calling on the National League to provide around CHF 5 million to help the Swiss League. In Antonelli's opinion, this money should be used to hire a "League Manager" at the Federation, who is looking after the Swiss League. And also to directly help the struggling clubs.

"One thing is clear," Antonelli says: "Without financial help, EHC Winterthur will no longer be in the Swiss League next season."

( 21 October 2022 | tme )

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