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Women's National Team

For the second home tournament of the season, head coach Colin Muller has called up an experienced squad.

From November 9 to 11, the Swiss women's national team is set to face their Swedish pendant once each day as part of a two-nation tournament in Weinfelden.

Other than during their last gathering, which consisted of a mix of young and experienced players, Colin Muller will have more of the latter at his disposal. Due to conflicts with championship games, no players engaged with clubs in North America are available.

Roster of the Swiss national team  for the tournament in Weinfelden

Goaltender (2): Saskia Maurer (SC Bern Frauen), Caroline Spies (HC Davos)

Defenders (8): Nele Bachmann (Malmö Redhawks / SWE), Alessia Baechler (GCK/ZSC Lions), Annic Büchi (EV Zug), Lara Christen (SC Bern Frauen), Nina Harju, Nadine Hofstetter (EV Zug), Janine Hauser (HC Davos), Stefanie Wetli (HC Davos)

Forwards (12): Mara Frey, Nora Harju, Sinja Leemann, Alina Marti, Lisa Rüedi (GCK/ZSC Lions), Emma Ingold, Cindy Joray, Jade Surdez (SC Bern Frauen),  Lena Marie Lutz,  Noemi Ryhner, Lara Stalder (EV Zug), Zoe Merz (HCAP Girls)

( 17 October 2023 | esi* )

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