National League

Roman Wick's contract with the ZSC Lions will expire at the end of the season. While team manager Sven Leuenberger is not in a hurry to extend his contract, SC Bern has shown their interest in him.

Photo: / Andreas Haas

However, while they talked to him, nothing concrete has come off it. ZSC's Leuenberger has also talked to Wick and "was straight with him" regarding his current performance, as he tells Blick. Wick, for his part, would like to stay with the Lions, as his father and advisor Marcel Wick revealed to the newspaper.

SC Bern, for their part, has also talked to Denis Hollenstein who has been the subject of rumors for the last couple of weeks. They have, however, not found any indication that he might be willing to change clubs before his contract is up. Leuenberger is also interested in Hollenstein but also points to his valid deal with Kloten.

EHC Kloten's president Hans-Ueli Lehmann only has this to say about Hollenstein and a potential out clause in his contract: "I do not need an out clause. People who want to go, you have to let go."

Last Update: 09 November 2017, 05:28 AM | mso