National League

mt_ignoreAfter four consecutive losses, HC Ambrì-Piotta currently sits at the bottom of the NLA standings. Thus, President Filippo Lombardi and HCAP are not happy with head coach Serge Pelletier's performance at all.


As the Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported this morning, Lombardi was not even ready to confirm yesterday that Pelletier would still be behind HC Ambrì-Piotta's bench tomorrow against the Kloten Flyers.

However, according to Ticinonews, it was then decided that the 50-year-old will stay at least for one more game, but if Ambrì does not win against the Flyers, it might have been Pelletier's last game behind their bench. Team manager Ivano Zanatta, who spoke out in favour of Pelletier at yesterday's meeting, is already looking for replacements.

As the same source reports, Felix Hollenstein figured on the list of possible replacements, but as he is now with the Swiss national team this can probably be ruled out. Another name, which is apparently making its rounds in Ambrì, is that of Kari Jalonen.

Jalonen, who is reportedly also courted by SC Bern for the 2016-17 season, currently works for the Finnish national team, but his contract only expires after the World Championship next year, so he would have to dissolve his contract first to make this possible. (mso)

UPDATE According to Blick, HC Ambrì-Piotta has been in contact with former HCFG-coach Hans Kossman as a possible successor of Serge Pelletier - should he no longer be wanted as HCAP's coach. - 13 October 2015, 11:18 PM