Medical Report

Noah Rod, Henrik Tömmernes, and Damien Brunner were all not able to finish last night's game.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

As Genève-Servette HC's head coach Jan Cadieux tells Blick, Noah Rod, who only played a bit over two minutes last night, is dealing with an upper-body injury.

Henrik Tömmernes, for his part, left the game after being hit by Gaëtan Haas and might be dealing with a concussion. Both Rod and Tömmernes did, however, watch the last period from their bench.

As for Damien Brunner, he twisted his left knee at the end of the second period and had to be helped off the ice. "We will not see him again in 2021, but I hope it will not be longer than that," head coach Anti Törmänen tells Blick after the game.

( 05 December 2021 | mso )