Medical Report

After having had two surgeries on his injured eye, the 31-year-old forward does not know yet when or if he will be able to return to the ice.

EHC Olten

"They [the doctors] told me from the very beginning that it was a serious injury and that they could not give me any prognosis – not even now," Benjamin Neukom says in an interview with the Oltner Tagblatt. "It still takes some time to assess exactly how it will come out. (...) It looks reasonably good. But it just takes time."

Neukom suffered an eye-injury in the game against EHC Visp in early November when the stick of an opponent got under his visor. As of now, it is not yet clear how the injury will impact his eye-sight in the future.

It is thus up in the air if Neukom will be able to continue his hockey career: "I couldn't get rid of these thoughts in the first few days," he says. "The doubts are still somewhat there, but I try to stay positive and not think of the worst possible scenario. I am convinced and firmly believe that everything will be fine."

( 18 November 2022 | tme )