RUMOR - As one can read on the online-platform of the Nya Wermlands-Tidingen, both Magnus Nygren (photo) and former Lakers-forward Mikael Johansson are in talks with Färjestad BK. Nygren is also courted by the Kloten Flyers.

Photo Calle Eklund / CC-BY-SA-3.0

"I have offers from three, four teams in Europe," Magnus Nygren says to "Right now I'm not sure if I should choose Färjestad or play somewhere else in Europe, it's about fifty-fifty," the 24-year-old defenseman continues. "I'll decide within two weeks." Also the Kloten Flyers are courting the young Swede.

In addition, also former Lakers-forward Mikael Johansson is in talks with Färjestad. According to the same source, he met with team manager Leif Carlsson on Monday but was not yet willing to discuss contract modalities. "He would really like to stay in Switzerland," Carlsson says. "And that money we wouldn't be able to match." (tme)