As TeleTicino's Luca Sciarini reports, the ZSC Lions are currently in the pole position when it comes to signing HC Ambrì-Piotta's forward Inti Pestoni for the upcoming season. Only the signature seems to be missing.

Photo Robert Hradil / RvS Media

"If Inti wants to take on another experience, we cannot stop him," Ambrì-Piotta's president Filippo Lombardi said in the TV broadcast "Fuorigioco" on TeleTicino. A move to the ZSC Lions seems to be likely. According to journalists Luca Sciarini (Teleticino) and Marco Maffioletti (La Regione), it is more or less a done deal. "Only the signature is missing", Sciarini writes in another Tweet.

Inti Pestoni is a homegrown talent of HC Ambrì-Piotta and has only played for his youth team in his career so far. In 291 games in the National League A, the 24-year-old put up 196 points (68 goals, 128 assists). (tme)