Swiss teams seem to be losing their minds about the possibility of a return of Raphael Diaz to the Swiss league. EV Zug apparently tries to sign Diaz for five or six years, Genève-Servette HC even for seven years.

Photo Howsmyliving

According to the Neue Luzerner Zeitung, EV Zug is offering their lost son a salary of CHF 750,000 to 800,000.- per year, which is their absolute limit. If Diaz returns to Zug or not also has consequences for defenseman Tim Ramholt, 31. The Bulls are not able to afford both. Thus, Ramholt's future in Zug is closely connected with Diaz' decision.

The best offer from Switzerland, however, apparently comes from Genève-Servette HC who are ready to offer the 29-year-old a seven-year deal. How serious Chris McSorley's offer is or if he is only trying to raise the price for other teams is a matter of speculation. In addition to the Swiss clubs, also teams from the KHL seem to have joined the race.

A return to Switzerland already this season seems to be difficult, as Raphael Diaz himself says to the same source: "The situation is that the Rangers won't release me," he explains. To end his NHL career and to dissolve his contract is no option for the 29-year-old: "I'd like to play in the NHL for as long as possible. I don't think that I'll plan my future before the end of this season." (tme)