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As Christoph Bertschy says in an interview with the Freiburger Nachrichten, he has not yet fully decided on returning to Switzerland, as he has an out-clause for the NHL in all of his four contract years with Lausanne HC.

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As Bertschy explains, the out-clause is only for one-way contracts in the NHL: "Of course it's going to be difficult to receive such a contract this summer - but you never know," he says to the Freiburger Nachrichten. Having signed a four-year contract with Lausanne HC, it looked like the 24-year-old forward made up his mind about his imminent future, but: "Lausanne might look like Plan A right now, but the NHL remains on my agenda - even though I would also look forward to Lausanne, of course."

As Bertschy admits it had been decided long before Lausanne HC's confirmation that he would join the Lions in case of a return to Switzerland: "That was already in January 2017, actually". He is sure to have made the right decision: "Lausanne is building something terrific," he says. "Although they have had a bad year, I'm convinced that something big is possible with this roster and the new signings."

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