National League

In June, the twelve National League teams informally voted on a motion to increase the contingent from four to six players.

National League

According to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the motion did not get a majority, but it definitely has its supporters in Genève-Servette HC, Lausanne HC, HC Davos, and SC Bern.

The reason why this discussion was started in the first place lies in the increased amount of money the clubs have to spend on salary. They imagine that with 24 more import players in the league, they would be able to lower the wages within the National League once again.

However, an increase of the import player contingent would probably also signify a loss of quality for the national team and even fewer chances for junior players to get a chance to prove themselves in the first team. While the issue has not been put on the agenda for this week's league assembly, it will not be the last time this will be discussed by the teams.

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