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Just like Auston Matthews in Zurich, the Canadian top prospect is weighing his options in Europe before the 2020 NHL Draft.

Lafrenière could end up in the National League next season.

According to Le Matin, the top prospect in view of the 2020 NHL Draft is having a look at the market in Europe. "We have been contacted," an anonymous team manager from the National League says to the same source. "Will he have the same impact as Matthews in Zurich? If yes, it's an interesting opportunity."

Lafrenière, however, is not only looking for options in Switzerland, but also in Sweden, where he also might get the chance to play with adults, Le Matin writes.

Confronted with the report by Le Matin, Éric Boucher, president of the Rimouski Océanic, however, denied the news categorically. He said to CBC/Radio Canada's Édith Drouin that Lafrenière will stay with the Océanic this and also next season.

Also his agent said that Lafernière will stay in Canada's junior league: "After careful consideration and analysis of the situation, the decision was unanimous to continue his junior internship in the organization of the Rimouski Océanic in the 2019-20 season," he told TVA Sports, confirming that they were indeed in contact with several teams from Europe.

For the past two seasons, the young talent has suited up for the Rimouski Océanic in the QMJHL, one of Canada's junior leagues. This season so far, the 17-year-old has put up a total of 87 points (32 goals) in 47 games. In his first season in the QMJHL, Lafrenière was named not only "Rookie of the Year" of the league, but also of the whole Canadian Hockey League (CHL), which consists of three Canadian junior leagues. He is eligible for the NHL Draft in 2020.

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