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The new business model the Board of Directors has worked on would add about a CHF 1 million to Christian Dubé's budget.

New arena means a new budget for HC Fribourg-Gottéron
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

However, nothing is set in stone yet. As HC Fribourg-Gottéron's president Michel Volet tells La Liberté, they will have another meeting next week to approve everything.

Future president Hubert Waeber, for his part, has an ambitious plan for HCFG: "In a few years' time, we should be able to offer two to three million more than today to the team manager. This money should not be used to increase current salaries, but to attract stronger players."

Waeber's vision, of course, all relays on the increased revenue the new arena will and could generate for the team. They do, for example, also expect marketing revenue to increase from CHF 7.5 million (about half of today's budget) to CHF 10 million once the works on the new arena are completed and hope to gain new sponsors.

( 11 April 2019 | mso )

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