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In an interview with the Südostschweiz, head coach Jeff Tomlinson is looking back at the past season - and ahead to the next one.

Coach Jeff Tomlinson has his ideas about the next season.

Looking at his roster of the past season, it is clear for Tomlinson that he wants to start the new season with fewer players. This also has an impact on players, whose contracts are expiring, such as Matt Gilroy, Steve Mason, Josh Primeau or Antonio Rizzello.

"With Janick Steinmann, we have a new team manager. He probably has his ideas and I will talk to him about every player," Tomlinson explains. "It's quite possible that one of the players listed will be allowed to stay and we'll separate from others who have a contract."

When it comes to their import-players, Tomlinson's verdict is clear: "Clark and Wellmann lived up to the expectations, although we struggled to find the right center for them." That is why they want to add one or even two import-centers next season, Tomlinson says. "Kristo is a point of discussion. It's possible that there is no future for him with us. Or he will only be our fifth import-player."

Moreover, the Lakers are thinking about adding a second assistant coach and have a more individual and more intense summer training this year. "Ideally, we will also call in an external skills coach from time to time," Tomlinson says to the Südostschweiz.

( 16 April 2019 | tme )

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