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Whether the 34-year-old will retire or continue to play has yet to be determined, but he is leaning strongly towards retirement.

Antonio Rizzello

"To 99 percent I will end my professional hockey career, but I am in contact with some clubs," Antonio Rizzello tells the Südostschweiz. "If something comes out of it, it will most likely be with a Swiss League team."

The captain of the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers does not mince his words when it comes to his disappointment about the past season: "The situation was, in fact, difficult. Also because I wasn't told why I wasn't allowed to play more often. [...] Others who were allowed to play sometimes were no better."

He amends, however, that he knows that as an employee of the Lakers he has to come to terms with the decisions of his superiors: "I remained silent and came to terms with the situation, also because I have a great respect for the club which has given me a lot."

Rizzello could also not imagine going down the coaching route if he retires, as he tells the same source. He also could not imagine staying with the Lakers in a front-office position, even if he is still grateful for the successes they have brought him throughout his career.

( 18 April 2019 | rlu )
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