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With currently three goaltenders on their roster for the next season, Lausanne HC has not yet decided on their goalie duo.

Sandro Zurkirchen has to sit and wait for LHC's decision.
Remo Max Schindler /

The newly acquired Tobias Stephan, who arrives from EV Zug, is set as their starting goalie next season. But the second goalie spot is still open, as Zurkichen's agent Gaëtan Voisard tells Ticinonline: "Lausanne has not yet decided about the strategy they want to adopt," he explains. "Until Lausanne decides to liberate Zurkirchen, we can do little. We are waiting for the club to make their choice."

«Until Lausanne decides to liberate Zurkirchen, we can do little»
Gaëtan Voisard

Sandro Zurkirchen still has a contract until 2020 in place with LHC. Nevertheless, Voisard confirms that there have been talks with other clubs: "Yes, of course, we had the permission to listen to the offers of other clubs." In the past weeks, the 29-year-old has been reported to be close to an agreement with HC Lugano.

( 29 April 2019 | tme )
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