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Both the HC Davos AG and the HC Davos Association (youth sector) report a profit in the 2018-19 financial statements.

HC Davos closes the season in the black.

The annual accounts of the AG show a profit of CHF 335,304, while those of the Association closed the year with a profit of CHF 3,258. Gaudenz Domenig, president of HC Davos, is pleased that "thanks to generous donations from the "Kristall Club" a positive result can be reported. It shows that the HCD family together believes in a successful future for the club and is prepared to support it financially."

The current members of the Board of Directors Gaudenz Domenig (Chairman), Robert Lombardini (Vice Chairman), Urs Winkler and Heinz Saner are standing for re-election. Hanspeter Angerer and Arthur Decurtins have decided to make their seats on the Board of Directors available to new employees after many years of commitment to the HCD. Accordingly, the Board of Directors proposes the election of Adrian Schmassmann and Alois Vinzens at the general shareholders' meeting on November 2.

( 03 October 2019 | lle )
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