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In an interview with Blick, SCB's CEO is not too worried about losing Mark Arcobello, but about what the future might hold.

Marc Lüthi worries about the future.
SC Bern

"I think so," Marc Lüthi says when asked by Blick if he believes that SC Bern will still be able to afford a top team in the future. "We have never been able to afford the most expensive team." Also in the current season, he does not see a reason to panic: "More than ten players have expiring contracts. Others just became dads. Maybe there's a lack of concentration at the moment."

However, there is one thing that worries Lüthi. Something that might concern the whole league in the future: E-Sports. "I wonder if today's kind of sports entertainment remains attractive," Lüthi says with a view to the young people. With E-Sports getting more and more popular, the focus must be, according to Lüthi, to get young people excited about live sports. "These are the real challenges."

( 11 October 2019 | tme*ech )
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