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The Swedish forward will join the team immediately. The Seelanders also will have HC Davos' Tino Kessler at their disposal for a while.

With two new players among their ranks: EHC Biel
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

Ullström has signed with EHC Biel until the end of the season. He will start practicing with the team today.

Since his Entry-Level contract with the New York Islanders ran out in 2013, the Swede has played for nine different teams. He was mainly engaged in the KHL, but also in his native country and had another stop in North America (AHL) last year.

This season, the 30-year-old started with the KHL's Dinamo Riga , but his contract was terminated last week.

"Due to the continuously high load of games, we have been observing the players market for a while. With David Ullström, a polyvalently usable forward who fits our profile of requirements was available. That is why we decided to engage a fifth import early on", Biel's team manager Martin Steinegger comments.

The Seelanders will also have HC Davos-foward Tino Kessler at their disposal until the end of the year. The 23-year-old joins then on a loan-basis. Steinegger brings up injury trouble and their tight schedule as reasons for the loan.

( 14 October 2019 | esi )
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