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Whereas EVZ's Miro Zryd and Thomas Thiry are still waiting for an offer, a yet unknown Swiss defender has received one.

Will Miro Zryd have to leave Zug?

As EV Zug's team manager Reto Kläy confirms to Zentralplus, he has reached out to a Swiss defenseman with a concrete contract offer. Kläy, however, is not willing to reveal the name of his target, but says that he has definitely not made an offer to SC Bern's Calle Andersson or the ZSC Lions' Dave Sutter.

If Reto Kläy manages to hire a new defenseman, there is probably only one spot left for either Miro Zryd or Thomas Thiry. So far, however, Kläy is not sure if he wants to keep them on board: "Both players lack consistency. Their performance can vary considerably," he explains to Zentralplus.

Nevertheless, Kläy will talk to them during the international break, which starts on Monday. Not just with the defensemen, but also with the forwards who have an expiring contract, such as Dario Simion, Sven Senteler, or Fabian Schnyder.

( 30 October 2019 | tme )

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