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Both defenders are at the end of their respective contracts and are thus on the market.

SC Bern to acquire Miro Zryd?

According to Reto Kirchhofer of the Berner Zeitung, there are rumblings that Thomas Thiry and Miro Zryd will suit up for SC Bern in the 2020-21 season. EV Zug's team manager Reto Kläy recently told Zentralplus that he was not sure that he wants to keep them in the fold: "Both players lack consistency. Their performance can vary considerably."

As for the rest of the roster, SC Bern is currently waiting on Calle Andersson's decision about his future. If he will stay, they might not acquire an import defenseman, the same source reports. Depending on whether Alex Chatelain wants to rejuvenate the defensive core, there might not be space for one of the established defenders, meaning Beat Gerber and Justin Krueger.

Alain Berger, for his part, will likely stay. As for Grégory Sciaroni, Chatelain does not exclude the possibility that they will extend his contract but not for his current salary. The future of Matthias Bieber and Marc Kämpf has yet to be determined.

According to Kirchhofer, SC Bern is also interested in Damien Riat. If Dario Simion (EV Zug) and Michael Hügli (EHC Biel) cannot find common ground with their respective teams, they might also become an option. Yannick Herren, Jeremy Wick, and Nando Eggenberger, on the other hand, are not being considered.

( 06 November 2019 | mso )
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