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Three years ago, the players' association was founded. Now, they are demanding more bargaining power.

Alessandro Chiesa is one of HCL's delegates.

"We want to have more power and to have our say on rules, schedule and on safety," Alessandro Chiesa, captain and delegate of HC Lugano, says to RSI. "The objective is to defend our rights." In the recent past, the association has demanded the introduction of flexible boards or of a camera above the goal.

The association which was founded by Mathias Seger, Paolo Duca, and Victor Stancescu a few years ago wants to represent the interests of the twelve National League teams and, of course, those of the players and make their voices heard in discussions with the league.

It is, however, not about pushing for higher salaries, HC Ambrì-Piotta's captain and delegate Elias Bianchi says to RSI: "The idea is to improve hockey, and since we're the main architects our voice is important."

( 08 November 2019 | tme* )

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