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The club might recruit a goalkeeper and a couple of forwards from the youth team rather than exploring the market.

Will Robert Mayer remain in Geneva?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

The first issue for Genève-Servette HC concerns the duo between the pipes: if Gauthier Descloux will be considered to be a dominant starter, then there is no reason to keep Robert Mayer around. The backup position would be taken by Stéphane Charlin or Léo Chuard. On the contrary, if the coaching staff does not think that Descloux is at that point, then Mayer might remain. Nonetheless, discussions are already ongoing with the Czech-born goaltender.

As for the defense, Pat Emond, head coach of the Grenats, is fully satisfied with the men at his disposal: "For me, there's no need to go pick someone up. None of my current defenders would deserve to lose their place."

The same goes for the offense department, even though the Tribune de Genève points out the absence of a forward, possibly right-handed. There are only a few candidates on the Swiss market (Damien Riat, Yannick Herren, and Inti Pestoni), that might end up being too expensive for their real potential, as the newspaper writes. "Here again, we won't take someone at all costs," states Chris McSorley, team manager of GSHC, not forgetting to mention that a second wave of Geneva-based talent is expected. "With Petr Cajka and Stéphane Patry, who are full of talent. Sometimes the best transfers are made internally."

( 16 November 2019 | lle* )
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