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After he was dangerously pushed into the boards from behind by Geneva's Tim Bozon, the American forward sounds the alarm.

Mark Arcobello
Remo Max Schindler /

"The way things are now, it's a matter of time until someone gets seriously injured," Mark Arcobello explains to the Berner Zeitung. "And then it's too late." SC Bern's American forward said this just after the game against Genève-Servette HC and criticized the National League as a whole: "I haven't played in any league in which the respect for the opponent is lower. It's a disgrace."

«I haven't played in any league in which the respect for the opponent is lower»
Mark Arcobello

Swiss team managers, however, see a different problem. "Most players in this league have never learned to check properly and to take checks," ZSC's Sven Leuenberger explains to the Berner Zeitung. An assessment that is shared by EHC Biel's Martin Steinegger: "Checks are carried out in situations where they should not have been carried out."

Moreover, Steinegger - among others - is also not happy with the league's disciplinary board. The sanctions are too mild, he says, for example in the case of Johann Morant against Arcobello or Tristan Scherwey against Garrett Roe: "Both were not sanctioned. These are signs in the wrong direction."

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