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Despite not having had the best season so far, the coach has the club's trust. The Swedish forward is in a different situation.

Linus Klasen - will he stay in the Ticino?

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

In an interview with HeShootsHeScoores, HC Lugano's team manager Hnat Domenichelli said that they stand behind Sami Kapanen and that the Finnish head coach was doing a good job. "It is not easy to come here without knowing the environment and the mentality of the Ticino. But if we manage to stick together, we can solve all our problems collectively", Domenichelli states. The 43-year-old also believes the team to have overcome their crisis. They are nonetheless on the lookout for another import player, preferably a two-way center.

A possible candidate might apparently be Wojtek Wolski. The NZZ am Sonntag writes that his name is floating around in the Ticino. The Polish-Canadian recently dissolved his contract with the KHL's Kunlun Red Star.

As for other import-related news, it is likely that this will be the last season with the Bianconeri for Linus Klasen. The Swede confirmed to RSI that he has not yet received an offer for a contract extension. In the previously mentioned interview, Domenichelli also acknowledged the issue, stating that they will wait and see how the second half of the season develops.

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