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Although they are aware of the interest in their Canadian forward Adam Tambellini, the club does not plan to let him go.

Lausanne HC is, among others, looking for a playoff reinforcement.

After Sport-Center reported that Adam Tambellini is a potential candidate for Swiss teams as a reinforcement for the playoffs, Modo's team manager Fredrik Glader confirms to that there is interest from abroad: "Yes, obviously. He has made a good Spengler Cup as well, so it's no wonder that there is growing interest in him."

«20 million Euros... then I will at least answer the phone»
Fredrik Glader

Modo currently sits in second place in the Allsvenskan, Sweden's second highest league, and wants to get promoted to the SHL. "It's quite wrong to get rid of Tambellini in this situation," Glader says. Asked if money would make any difference, he replied: "20 million Euros... then I will at least answer the phone."

( 15 January 2020 | tme*ech )
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