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The protest did not directly concern Mottet, who scored, but goalie Berra's movement during the execution by his teammate.

Reto Berra
monika majer / RvS.Media

Reto Berra skated from his net on the other side of the rink to a corner during the execution of the first penalty shot in the shootouts of yesterday's game between HC Fribourg-Gottéron and HC Ambrì-Piotta. The coaching staff of Ambrì believed that it is not allowed as it could be a distraction for the goaltender who is facing the shooter, in this case, Daniel Manzato. In the post-game interview with RSI, the head coach of HCAP, Luca Cereda, said that years ago a penalty shot was invalidated in Davos after a similar movement by goaltender Leonardo Genoni. As Omar Gargantini (RSI) writes on Twitter, Ambrì did not confirm this protest.

The protest came after the request from the Biancoblù to revision and possibly invalidating Mottet's shootout due to Berra's movement. The referee did not go along with the request and watched the video only to determine if Mottet moved the puck backward during his execution. In the link at the end of the tweet posted below, you can find the video of Mottet's penalty shot.

( 25 January 2020 | lle )

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