National League

Baptiest Coopmans, CEO of the cable network provider UPC, is optimistic that they will find an agreement with the National League.

UPC expects massive losses due to the cancelation of the playoffs.

"The calculation is simple," Coopmans explains in an interview published in today's Tamedia-newspapers with respect to the CHF 30 million per season that UPC pays for the broadcasting rights. "If we can't broadcast the playoffs, it will lead to massive losses."

Coopmans, however, knows that also the National League teams are currently suffering: "To now ask our partners for money back would be indecent," he says.

Nevertheless, UPC is talking to the league about options to make up for the loss in the longer term: "We are confident that we will find an agreement that works for both sides," Coopmans says and adds: "We treat our partners as we like to be treated."

( 06 April 2020 | tme* )
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