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Whereas the Lakers want a uniform solution among the clubs, EV Zug calls for a level playing field with other economic sectors.

The players are currently able to practice, but not to the usual extent.

Currently, short-time work for hockey players is possible, but it is either 100 percent or 0 percent. A fact that concerns both the CEOs of the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and EV Zug, Markus Bütler and Patrick Lengwiler. Both criticize that their players are currently able to practice, but that they cannot do their work to the usual extent.

"They cannot do their full workload," EVZ's Patrick Lengwiler says to the Zuger Zeitung. "But applying for a proportionate reduction in working hours is no longer permitted." SCRJ's Markus Bütler adds in an interview with the Südostschweiz that in summer the players also have other obligations, such as sponsoring or marketing events: "None of this is currently taking place."

«For me, a 50 percent short-time work would be a fair solution»
Markus Bütler

"What I am calling for is equal treatment with other sectors in terms of short-time work," Lengwiler says. Bütler is more concrete: "For me, a 50 percent short-time work would be a fair solution." Moreover, he is concerned that every canton seems to handle the issue differently: "From the perspective of fair competition among the clubs, a uniform solution to short-time work is needed."

( 22 May 2020 | tme* )
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