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The defenseman has already informed team manager Marc Eichmann that he will no longer be part of their organization in autumn 2021.

Andrea Glauser off to Lausanne in 2021
Monika Majer / RvS.Media

"Yes, it is true. Andrea Glauser has told us that we will no longer be able to count on him after the next season," Eichmann tells Klaus Zaugg (Watson). He will, however, definitely not be able to leave the team before the end of his contract.

While the defenseman was not willing to disclose the name of his team to his team manager, Zaugg (as well as Grégory Beaud of Sport-Center) reports that Glauser has signed a three-year deal with Lausanne HC including an option for an additional season.

In other news, the SCL Tigers have yet to receive the transfer fee from Metallurg Magnitogorsk for Harri Pesonen. If the KHL team fails to transfer the sum until the end of June, the deal will fall through and the Finn will still be part of the SCL Tigers.

( 10 June 2020 | mso )
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