National League

Jannik Canova, Tim Lutz, Marino Misani, Fabian Ritzmann and Denys Rubanik will all predominantly suit up in the Swiss League.

Professional deals for some Davos-prospects

The defenseman (Rubanik) and the four forwards are all either 18 or 19 years old. HC Davos' team mangager Raeto Raffainer plans to mainly use them in the Swiss League, presumably with the HCB Ticino Rockets. They might also get their chances with the main squad.

Four of the players already have experience in men's hockey. German junior national team player Lutz has suited up three times for Davos and 24 times for the Rockets, while Canova has made five appearances in the National League and one in the Swiss League. Both Ritzmann and Misani have made some games in lower leagues.

( 03 July 2020 | esi*)