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The National League CEOs also talked about the future of the League in a two-day retreat in Kemmeriboden-Bad.

National League CEOs meet in the Emmental

The clubs appeal to the Federal Council, asking that they will make a balanced decision at their next meeting: "Provided that proctection concepts will be observed in the arenas, games with more than 1,000 spectators should be possible. Around 4,000 jobs in the National League alone are otherwise in danger."

The Federal Council will meet again on August 12. On the agenda will be the 1,000 spectators limit. As reports of the last days have shown, the cantons, given the increased number of cases, also lean more to the precautionary side of things and want to upheld the current rules for the time being.

Klaus Zaugg (Watson) already reported on Wednesday that the twelve National League would meet in the Emmental during Thursday and Friday to discuss issues concerning the future of the league. As Director of National League and Swiss League Denis Vaucher states in the press release, they have had discussions but did not make any formal decisions. They will continue this process until the end of 2020.

( 31 July 2020 | mso )
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