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EHC Biel's sports director currently serves as interim coach of the team but will not be a long-term option, the Bieler Tagblatt reports.

EHC Biel faces difficult decisions.
EHC Biel

Since many contracts will be negotiated over the next months, Steinegger believes the workload would prove to be too much, especially when having to swap his roles every day. Additionally, while he already had a short stint as head coach back in 2017, the premise was an entirely different one: "At the time, we had a lot of games and not a lot of practices. [...] Now, the starting point would be a different one: Preparation, intensity control, tactics, etc. I do not know if I could do all of this."

They have already received several applications for the head coaching position, but they have not really started looking at them as they are waiting for the decision of the federal council regarding the 1,000 spectators limit. Also, given that it would only be a temporary position, CEO Daniel Villard, financial issues aside, is not sure if they will find someone who would be willing to coach the team only for a short period of time and also matches the profile they are looking for in a coach.

After coach Antti Törmänen's cancer diagnosis, EHCB announced yesterday that Martin Steinegger would take over for the following two weeks. After that period, it remains to be seen which solution the club will find but, according to the Bieler Tagblatt, it is unlikely that Steinegger will continue in both roles.

( 11 August 2020 | yzu*ech)
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