National League

Joël Vermin to Geneva in exchange for Guillaume Maillard, Floran Douay, and Tim Bozon. The deal seems to be almost done.

Will Tim Bozon agree to the deal?
Monika Majer / RvS.Media

According to a report from 24 heures, Genève-Servette HC has informed their trio that they want to trade them to Lausanne in exchange for Vermin. In Switzerland, however, a deal like this is only possible if all of the players involved agree to it.

Therefore, Lausanne HC's John Fust and Petr Svoboda sat down with Maillard and Douay and were able to convince both of moving to Lausanne, the same source reports. In Maillard's case possibly in exchange for an early contract extension. Only Tim Bozon's consent seems to be missing for the deal to be concluded.

Will Joël Vermin become a Grenat? The fate of the current deal thus seems to be in the hands of just one person: Tim Bozon.

( 19 August 2020 | tme* )