National League

The Vermin-saga has finally found its end: the forward will play for Genève-Servette HC after all.

Vermin off to GSHC
Monika Majer / RvS.Media

Klaus Zaugg (Watson) reported yesterday that Joël Vermin would become part of GSHC in exchange for Tim Bozon, but that it was not yet clear whether Petr Cajka would also be part of the return. Grégory Beaud (Sport-Center) also reported in early September that the deal might be back on the table after a first attempt had fallen through.

For now it looks like all three players are still signed to their original contracts (Vermin: 2021-22; Cajka: 2021-22; Bozon: 2020-21), but in the case of the new Lausanne HC players that has yet to be confirmed.

( 15 September 2020 | mso )