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As reported by the Bieler Tagblatt, the defenseman wants to settle the matter of wage reduction as soon as possible.

Kevin Fey: immediately involved as captain in a delicate matter.
EHC Biel

Regarding the ongoing discussions on a salary reduction for the 2020-21 season, Kevin Fey states to the newspaper that it is in the interest of both the club and the players to find a solution that satisfies everyone, adding that both parties should get through these difficult times with as little damage as possible.

Another dossier is on the table for Fey: the extension of his expiring contract. Having been nominated as the new captain of EHC Biel, a new deal with the Seeländers is expected soon as the 29-year-old reveals to the Journal du Jura: "I've already had a discussion with Martin Steinegger [EHCB's team manager]. Let's say that between the club and me, there is a mutual interest."

( 25 September 2020 | lle )

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