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After stating their willingness for a salary cut to the club months ago, the issue has still not been worked out.

The Dragons would like some clarity
PHOTOPRESS / Cyyril Zingaro

As captain Julien Sprunger tells La Liberté, HC Fribourg-Gottéron's players would like to have the salary cut issue dealt with before the new season starts. "It takes up space in the locker room", the 34-year-old states.

Sprunger mentions that they already contacted the club at the start of June and told them that they would be ready for a gesture. "We were told that it is too early to discuss the matter, but that they would get back to us if the need arose."

Four months later, they still have no clarity, as the forward mentions. He states that there will be a pay cut, but they do not know by how much.

( 28 September 2020 | esi )

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