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Several of EHC Biel's players are in their last contracted season. Martin Steinegger has already started negotiations.

Who will stay in 2021?

"We have already had some initial discussions," Steinegger tells the Journal du Jura. "But as we don't know where we are going, what our budget will be next season, it is impossible for me to make concrete offers." He also adds that several teams are already very aggressive on the market.

Half of the roster is on expiring contracts, including 37-year-old defenseman Beat Forster about whom Steinegger had this to say: "Beat can still play until he's 40, and I don't see why he would leave."

EHC Biel player at the end of their contracts

Defenders (7): Kevin Fey, Stefan Ulmer, David Prysi, Beat Forster, Petteri Lindbohm, Samuel Kreis, Janis Moser.

Forwards (7): Ramon Tanner, Fabian Lüthi, Luca Cunti, Jason Fuchs, Anton Gustafsson, Valentin Nussbaumer, Marc-Antoine Pouliot.

( 30 September 2020 | mso* )

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