National League

The National League team did not want to add some players who would not stay the entire season, but that has apparently changed now.

Pius Suter to play for the ZSC Lions after all?

According to Blick, as the NHL start will begin in January at the earliest, some players with NHL contracts, like Pius Suter, might become an option for them after all. While Suter is currently in quarantine like the rest of the GCK Lions, he is looking to play in a higher-tier league by the end of October anyway.

Also, Marco Rossi, who was drafted 9th overall in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, is of interest to team manager Sven Leuenberger. Apparently, Leuenberger has already spoken with the Minnesota Wild's GM Bill Guerin, but nothing can happen before Rossi has signed his NHL contract.

In other news, Sven Leuenberger is also busy negotiating with his current players who are on expiring contracts, namely Dario Trutmann, Dominik Diem, Raphael Prassl, Axel Simic, Reto Schäppi, and Garrett Roe. According to Blick, Trutmann has supposedly already signed his extension.

( 20 October 2020 | mso* )

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