National League

The teams of the National League are worried about the spectator limit in Bern and fear similar measures. They're coming up with alternatives to save the season.

The National League wants to continue playing until at least November 1st.

As HC Fribourg-Gottéron's president Hubert Waeber told La Liberté, the League is considering to go on a break until the health situation relaxes. A possible restart could happen in January, once everything calms down, and more games could be played in spring, Waeber explained.

Another possible solution is to have teams from the restricted canton Bern play in other stadiums outside the cantonal border. For example, SC Bern could play its home games at BCF Arena. While Waeber said it is worth considering, he also raises questions about whether it would be legal or safe.

For now, the only concrete plan regarding the schedule is to continue playing until the International break on November 1st.

( 21 October 2020 | yzu* )