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The team manager of SC Bern will have to see whom of their young players they will keep around beyond this season.

Mike Henauer is sought-after
Monika Majer / RvS.Media

Yannick Burren, André Heim and Mika Henauer are all on expiring contracts at the moment. "We want Mika to stay," Florence Schelling tells the Berner Zeitung. As for Burren and Heim, she wants to wait and see how they will develop before making a decision.

Henauer, for his part, has several parties interested in him. He has, however, only spoken to SC Bern thus far: "The top priority is to be at a club where I can play. If I get this chance with SCB, that would be ideal."

Burren, on the other hand, states that because of Covid-19, it does not really make sense to plan too far ahead, but he will try his best to make his case to the Bears' staff. Heim, too, will try his best to put himself forward, but also states that he is, of course, also thinking about what is best for him and which team he can make the next step with.

( 31 October 2020 | mso* ech)

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