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The end of the 34-year-old Swede's contract is coming up and he has some decisions to make about his future.

Viktor Stålberg
PHOTOPRESS / Anthony Anex

"If I continue my career and the club wants me, Gottéron will be my first option," Viktor Stålberg tells La Liberté. He is, however, thinking about other options for his future, including retirement.

As the former NHL player tells the same source, he will continue to play as long as he still feels competitive and his body holds up the strain that hockey puts on it. He certainly had a good start to the season with four goals and eight assists in ten games.

His team manager/head coach Christian Dubé only had this to say about a potential contract extension of the Swede: "I have two import players under contract, three, if all goes well, thanks to the option in the Gunderson contract, for next season. There is one spot left."

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