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While the injury of Guillaume Maillard gave the 31-year-old forward the opportunity to return to the lineup, his future will definitely lay elsewhere.

Etienne Froidevaux
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

Petr Svoboda told Jérôme Reynard (Sport-Center) back in September that they had told Etienne Froidevaux that he would not have a fixed place in the lineup and was free to look for another team.

Something that was not easy to hear for the former captain of Lausanne HC, as he tells 24 heures: "It took me a little while to digest the news, to accept it. But from the moment I took that step, I moved on, without changing who I was. I am a patient person. So I waited, worked, and stood by."

He now got his chance to make his comeback due to the injury of Guillaume Maillard: "I never expected an injury. It's such a pity for a young man like Guillaume." No matter how his comeback will turn out, it is also clear that his future lays elsewhere: "I'm at the end of my contract and this is certainly my last season in Lausanne."

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